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Engineered Garments Explorer Jacket Olive Nyco Brushed Poplin

Engineered Garments Explorer Jacket

New for Spring/Summer 11, the Engineered Garments explorer jacket is back for a second season in a lightweight but durable poplin (long time fans might remember the same fabric being used for jackets in the Spring/Summer 08 collection). The fit is similar to last season’s, and I’m already looking forward to the warmer weather that it will be ideal for.

Rainy day shots in Seattle:

Engineered Garments Explorer Jacket in Poplin

Engineered Garments Explorer Jacket in Poplin

More pictures available on Silver & Gold, Doo-Bop, Context, and the Nepenthes NYC blog.

The art of colour blocking

Block colours

The art of colour blocking

Top tips from our style director

The rules to abide by when embracing spring’s trickiest trend. Allow us to fill you in…

  1. When contrasting colours, stay within the same mood/richness of the palette (pastels, mid-tones, neons etc)
  2. Mix tones within the same colour spectrum
  3. Use one block of accent colour as a highlight under neutral layers
  4. Choose opposites on the colour spectrum (red/cyan, violet/lime, yellow/blue etc) to avoid contrasts that clash
  5. Layer blocks of colour in multiples of two or three on top
  6. Use one statement block of colour over neutral foundations

Damn, Steve McQueen Had Smoking Good Shopping Skills


A little shot of inspiration for you: some more Life outtakes of Steve McQueen from 1963, brought to our attention by A Continuous Lean. Don’t know if we’ll ever get sick of seeing that dude chain smoke, chug beer, and do other badass things. Keep ’em coming!

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