Jean Jacket

Contrary to popular belief jean jackets aren’t as hard as you think to pull off. Where most people go wrong is immediately trying to pair a denim jacket with denim pants, which can be a little more tricky and should be approached with caution. Instead, try a safer route and pair it with slim chinos in pretty much any color. Just make sure you choose a classic looking jean jacket that pays homage to its roots – no crazy stitching, distressing, zippers or over-the-top pocket details (you cant go wrong with a classic Levis Trucker Jacket). Since vintage jean jackets typically fit a little looser in the body, try sizing down (if you’re a 40 chest, try a 38).

Or in the colder months another great option is to use it for layering, such as this gentleman who is wearing one under a peacoat.

If you do go down the jean-on-jean path, just make sure the tones and stitching don’t match.  And most importantly, rock it with attitude.

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