A brief guide to erotic fiction

<b>Oranges are not the only fruit by Jeanette Winterson</b><br/> Winterson refutes that her first novel is a wholly autobiographical account, but there are undeniable parallels with her own life story: Oranges tells of a girl named Jeanette who – raised by northern, working-class Evangelist parents – is on her way to becoming a Pentecostal Christian missionary. At the age of sixteen, however, she falls passionately in love with another young woman, and everything changes. Direct and uninhibited, this novel- first published in 1985- is an exploration of a deep emotional and physical connection between two women, and helped secure Winterson as one of Britain’s most celebrated living writers.


Desire: What really turns us on?


‘No matter how much their keypads insisted they weren’t interested in the scenes before them, their internal monitors showed they were turned on by everything: straight sex, gay sex, lesbian sex, the nude gymnast – even the rutting simians got a vaginal thumbs-up. ”

“Academics are pondering the importance of being desired in inspiring desire; how women are turned on by the thought of being wanted – not just loved by a caring and empathetic partner, but urgently, physically craved to a level of derangement. “Women’s desire,” said one (female) professor, “is not relational, it’s narcissistic.” Coleridge expressed the same idea 170 years earlier: “The man’s desire is for the woman,” he wrote, “but the woman’s desire is rarely other than for the desire of the man.” ”

“Women would be amazed if they knew what men desire about them. Yes, of course, they want to see women naked and supine and melting, but male desire is far more readily stimulated by what the oblique glance discovers: the parted lips, the micron of eyelash which the mascara brush missed, the changing angle and shadow of cleavage, the bra-strap alternately displayed and covered up, the ripe-camembert plumpness at the edge of hips. There is, inside every adult man, a relentless Peeping Tom, a perennial 14-year-old boy, still amazed by the phenomenon of women on display, flagging their sexuality, their availability, with every square inch of visible flesh, clothing, make-up and curve. ”

“For men, desire involves the primal urge to possess and penetrate the object of their attention, but also the more sophisticated urge to invade her (or his) life, to become the object of her attention and affection. Male desire does not cease when the initiating partner – the desirer – has finished performing the blanket hornpipe and the midnight rodeo upon (or beneath) the desiree. In many respects, his urge to explore every nook and cranny of her body and soul has only just begun.
Male lust is an ignorant, blind, bullying thing – an immediate need, as real as hunger though not quite so life-threatening. Male desire is more subtle and strategic than wanting to get laid. It yearns to satisfy something more long-term, something awkwardly freighted with spiritual components. It’s about wanting to offer yourself to a person you admire, to combine your two spirits. ”

“Women have been much more concerned about having the “right” kind of sex ever since Sigmund Freud started the “vaginal vs clitoral” orgasm debate back in 1905. He gave several generations of women instantaneous inferiority complexes when he wrote that the clitoral orgasm was an “adolescent” phenomenon that “mature” women would outgrow.”

tassel loafers


oKaY,我也必須承認這雙Moccasins Italian Style!很可惜沒有訂購到E.W_的尺寸,看這款麂皮樂福便鞋是不一樣地摩登風格,有打結綁繩帶與鞋舌葉片與軟膠舒適鞋底.

在紳士皮鞋場面Loafers-是不用綁帶可簡易穿脫Slip On便鞋,起源於1930’s美國像是“penny loafer”,有黑色/酒紅色,可具代表經典樣式BASS WEEJUNS ,最初穿配在商務人士,到了1950’s在長春藤衣著風格再次風行至今,在保守年代而Tassel Loafer是多加流蘇設計的裝飾.讓衣櫥增添了搭配鞋款.

休閒衣著Tassel Loafer and slip on suede moccassins(圖上方),隨著時代進步推出五顏六色款式,多種素材製作,照片轉載:The Sartorialist

Brooks Brothers更新推出窄鞋楦,鞋舌葉片的Tassel Loafer,霧面黑色皮革,棕褐色皮革
-Tassel loafers-
1.酒紅色皮革英國Tassel Loafers,經典1940’s原創 by Alden
2.黑色英國Tassel Loafers,最佳商務衣著by Alden
3.米色系Tassel Loafers與鞋舌葉片
4.英國紳士衣著巧克力咖啡色-麂皮素材Tassel Loafers

1.咖啡麂皮Tassel Loafers by Paul Smith
2.深藍麂皮Slip On moccassin By Jeff Banks
3.09’s 推出五顏六色皮革Tassel Loafers-Italian Style by Gucci1950’s vintage ph:穿配流蘇裝飾樂福鞋,(IVY-STYLE/C.C.)
白色皮革,義大利樣式white leather moccassin By DNA(圖上方),Claudio休閒穿配-
E.W_的英國original Loake-Tassel Loafers有光澤皮革-稱Brighton
Slip on Suede moccassin(圖上方)-Italian Styled by Dna

你是否準備好Slip-On moccassin為09’summer?什麼顏色?