Mens Q&A: Three Ways to Wear White Jeans

Q: White jeans for men seems to be kind of on-trend right now, and I’m just wondering how you suggest wearing them.

A: You’re completely right – white jeans is a fresh look for men, and while white jeans are tough to keep clean, the effort can pay off in spades.  Here’s three simple ways to work white jeans into your wardrobe:

Option 1: White Jeans + Pullover Sweater

How to Wear White Jeans #3
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Go simple by pairing your white jeans with a simple pullover sweater.  You can go with deep, vibrant colors like the royal blue shown – or try lighter colors like heather grey or baby blue for a quietly sophisticated look.

Option 2: White Jeans + Bold Polo Shirt

How to Wear White Jeans #2
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For casual days, you can look instantly pulled together in a striped polo shirt and a crisp white pair of jeans.  To polish off the look (but at the same time keeping it casual), add a belt and a pair of tailored sneakers.

Option 3: White Jeans + Collared Shirt + Cardigan Sweater

How To Wear White Jeans #1
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For effortless elegance, pair your white denim with a well fitted collared button-down shirt – and then layer on a textured sweater.  We’re digging the look of a textured shawl collared cardigan against the woven button-down shirt – plus the interplay of the grey, the pinkish red and white stripes, and the white jeans.  Finish off the look with a belt and a pair of driving mocs.

A New Wave Of Erotic Mags Blur The Line Between High-Style and Smut


Let’s face it: Nothing sells quite like a little sex. Just take a look at pretty much every recent high-end editorial (it’s art!), ad campaign (it’s provocative!), or just about anything shot by Terry Richardson (it’s Terry!) where Sex is more than just mere innuendo. With the lines between fashion, eroticism, and porn becoming less and less clear, it seems perfectly on point for a sexy slew of stylized skin mags to arouse new curiosity. Time to take note of these high-end purveyors of T&A.

Check them out after the break. NSFW (unless you work here)…

Paradis Magazine

This biannual “magazine for the contemporary man” is for those who enjoy a bit of intellect along with their erotica. As expected, it’s packed with Juergen Teller snaps and interviews with artists Damien Hirst and John Currin, as well as tastefully nude images of catwalkers like Lily Cole and a pregnant Eva Herzigova.



Jacques Magazine

The newest flesh-heavy fare, this fashion-conscious erotic mag has a no-airbrush policy and steamy shoots that remind us of classic-yet-cheeky ’70s porn pub Oui.



Butt Magazine

This pocket-sized homoerotic quarterly has seemingly changed the face of gay porn. There’s still plenty of good old-fashion skin time but with the added benefit of clever interviews, artful photography, and a healthy dose of humor.



S Magazine

This smut-meets-art glossy bi-annual’s sexed-up super-sized Issue Number 9 (with guest curators MD70) made us swoon with its Bardot and bondage-themed spreads and enough skin to make it way more naughty than your average fashion mag.



Purple Sexe

While Purple Magazine is already known for frequent skin-centric editorials, its supplemental index Purple Sexe—which arrived with our Fall/Winter issue—celebrates a steamy, less-clothes-and-more-skin aesthetic.