You obviously care about your clothes. Treat them right by outfitting your closet with the right hangers for the job.



The Good


Known as ‘crystal clear hangers,’ these are the same ones used in department stores—and for good reason. Crafted from styrene plastic, they’re durable and retain the garments’ form. Plus, the swiveling metal hook makes it easy to hang pieces in either direction without having to take them off the hanger.



Whether you’re hanging flat front trousers, jeans or khakis, fold in half lengthwise and clip them by the waistband.



A suit requires its own hanger. It should be wide, with contoured arms to keep the jacket’s shoulder shape and a bar on which to drape the pants. Look for a ribbed bar that will keep your pants in place without the use of clamps.



Your coat takes a beating from the elements. You’ll drag it in dirty and hang it up wet. Take care of it indoors by storing it on a sturdy wooden hanger to help support the weight and protect the shape.




Those cheap, tubular plastic hangers—which now come in a rainbow of colors—will ruin your clothes. The thinness and 45-degree angle of the arm means clothes are often stretched and creased.


Wire hangers have their purposes. Namely, summer camp craft projects and breaking into cars. Instead of letting them infiltrate your closet, put your freshly-pressed shirts onto their real hangers as soon as you get home from the cleaners.


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