Historical photography Šechtl & Voseček

Vintage photograph collection by the Šechtl family whose tradition exceeds 150 years. Their project of digitalising the archive is trying to make available more than 18000 preserved glass plate negatives (1860-1950), hundreds of 35mm films (1930-1950), and thousands of medium and large format films online.
The photos are categorized into:
art photography (44)
Photojournalism (3143)
Events (556)
Photodocumentation (196)
Cities and villages (1983)
Castles (49)
Cloisters (1)
Foreign countries (59)
Portraits and figures (1298)
Tableauxs (9)
group photos (719)
Technology (140)
Clubs (84)
Landscapes (75)
Culture (113)
Sport (29)
VIP (1017)
Šechtl and Voseček company (24)
Stereoscopic photographies (19)
Prints (17)
Autochromes (early color photography 1908-1930) (4)
X-ray photography (1)
Working (38)
Advertisements (11)


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